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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 6, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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in and of itself pretty scary. but remember, republicans want to kill big bird. [laughter] >> all right. >> it's about spending, folks. >> it is about spending. that's where the focus in this debate needs to be and we will have more on this tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> that's all we have for this evening. let not your heart be troubled. we toss it over to greta. she stands by to go on the record tonight. greta, take it away. >> tonight, president obama headed off to splash in the surf while the nation teters on a cliff. >> will the president stay in town through the course of these negotiations and forego any plans he has to take a holiday vacation? >> i think congress has a strong role to play here. as we've said all along, while we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year, how we
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achieve the deal here is not that complicated. we still believe we can make it happen. the president is focused very much on trying to make that happen. >> he actually wanted a deal that worked, something he's the only one that's going to have a pen that can sign that. >> you are the president of the united states. you have that mighty pen. you bailed out the banks. bail out the american people that don't have homes for holidays. >> i think no member of the house or the senate or the president should go on vacation before you have handled this. >> he has a vacation already planned? >> i know he does. >> there's simply no middle ground here at all. >> will the president stay in town through the course of these negotiation? >> meanwhile the president wants to spend $4 million for a vacation at the end of the year in the midst of what is a huge crisis. >> compromise is impossible. >> the president is going away for christmas. he's going to hawaii for
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20-something days. where am i going to be? where are my neighbors going to be? we aren't going to have a place to call home. >> all that can happen and all that will happen is one side will concede. >> will the president stay in town through the course of these negotiations? >> you are going to enjoy your holiday in hawaii. aim going to be here with no lights, no electric, no plumbing, what am i going to do for the holidays. >> what obama wants is a confession. >> should anyone in washington be going on vacation in the middle of this fiscal crisis? should the president be jetting off to hawaii? both sides created this mess and they are the only ones who can fix it. from senior advisor president reagan began, pat buchanan joins us. pat, any promise of the president if he leaves town before this is resolved? >> i think the president is taking a tremendous risk here,
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greta. the reason is if this is not solved and it looks like it is going to come apart, say, on the 20th, 21st of december and he's splashing around at hawaii, you could have people's 401s being wiped out and portfolios being wiped out and if he is sitting out there i i think he's in real trouble politically. this is a show of a certain amount of arrogance and confidence that he's not afraid we are going to go over the cliff, and if we do, he will take care of it after that. but i think he's taking a risk and my guess is there are advisors in there telling, mr. president, you better keep the plane gassed up at honolulu. >> i think if he goes on vacation or anyone else, that he has a tenure that anyone else does. they have no one about this problem for 18 months, they have created the problem, they are the only ones who can solve the problem, and that the idea that they would jet off to vacations and just think that it's going somehow solve itself where people across america are
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worried about their jobs, worried if we do go off the cliff the markets will respond and causing lots of heartache, the idea to me, it's not even a question of politically, it's bad politically, i think it's indecent. >> it's not even that, huborous. he isn't going to run for president again. he will say they forced me to extend the tax cuts and now they are coming to me. and boehner offers $800 billion and they brush it aside to say we need $1.6 trillion and we need the rates to go up. go back and do your paper again, mr. boehner. i think again you are getting arrogance and huborous on the part of the president, who has a hand in this, and i think if he goes off that's a bridge too far for him. if he goes off to hawaii and spends three weeks there, and no deal happens and the fiscal cliff hits and we've got the
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largest tax increase in history and the markets plummet and he's sitting over there splashing in the surf, i don't think he can do it. >> i wonder what other nations think about us? this is, you know, is it a terrible problem we are going through right now, but we look like we can't handle our own business. we can't talk to each other, we can't figure out our own economics, and i can't think what kind of morale authority do we have in the world when we look so pathetic, so pathetic in terms of how we handle things and the fact that we don't? >> the problem with the american people is today they are -- greta, they are as deeply divided and polarized as we have almost ever been. look what boehner is could go right now in making a deal. he's violates his fundamental principles. he's violatings a commitment he made to the american people. he's doing something that he thinks will hurt the american economy, $800 million of tax on job creators, he's splitting his
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party, he's demoralizing his base and he's doing this to try to cut a deal that he can't in his heart really believe in. >> is it not better to at least try to come to sort of -- come off a little bit. but the president, by changing his goalpost, because first he said it was $800 billion when he was running for office, now it's 1.6, then the president said he wants to have a credit card with no limits in terms of the debt ceiling and the president looks as the term you used is arrogant. i think the president has a grudge because speaker boehner has said you want to get $800 billion from the rich. let me get $800 billion from the rich but instead of raising the tax rate, let me get $800 billion. the same people, the same amount, but i'll get them differently through closing loopholes and getting rid of some deductions. and the president, the white house said no i think because the president wants to rub his nose in it and extract it in
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increased rates. >> he could get more money by cutting the deductions or capping the deductions. he wants the rates up, why? because the republicans said we can't raise the rates, it violates our principles. >> that's the grudge part. that's the grudge part and the lack of leadership. i think he ought to come off it, but i think speaker boehner to the extent he gives a little, it helps the nation if they both come off the grudges but i assign it more to the president. >> well, the president is rubbing banner's nose in it. bes denying him an honorable avenue of retreat. let's get back to boehner. do you believe in your heart that raising tax on people making over $250,000 and hammering them with a 5% tax increase now is good economics when you have an economy that may have an 8% unemployment rate on friday? >> is it better to go off the cliff? i think he's got to balance it. which is more damaging? he's got a president who for some reason wants the revenue coming from the rich, but from
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stacks rates and not through closed deductions. same deal but the president is sort of fixated on the rates thing. >> he will get the rates. all he has to do is take us over the rates and he will get the rates. they will go up on everybody. he's not afraid of that because then he will say i will go in and cut taxes on the 98% that make less than $250,000 and i will restore some of the defense cuts made by the sequester. i will be -- the obama tax cuts will replace the bush tax cuts. >> do you think bainer is getting hoodwinked on this? >> it's hard for me to see how the republicans emerge from this well. they are turning the retreat they began november 6th into a republican route i think right now because in their hearts they don't believe what they are doing is right. >> so what do they do? >> it's like a doctor coming in and saying, look, you can give this kidney more heroin, it will kill him. that's what is hurting them and
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the other doctors come in and say we have to steady and put him on a diet of a little more of this stuff and the other doctor said, no, i'm not going to help you out, i'm not doing that. >> that's what the conservatives in the house are saying to boehner we are going the wrong way. >> then you go off the cliff and go exactly what you said. >> it would be a terrible blow. what the republicans should have done in the beginning is mr. president what do we agree on? we agree on cuts. that's the only thing they agree on. they disagree on tax. why would you get into an argument on tacks and not work on the rest. >> they want $800 billion from the rich and boehner said we will give you $800 billion from the rich and the president, because he has a grudge, says that's not how we want to do it. >> and then they move the goalpost, which is a whole another problem. >> boehner, if they go over a trillion dollars, then take it to 37%, i think boehner can go
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home again. >> nice to see you, pat. >> good to see you. >> and in the midst of this fiscal cliff frenzy, everyone is talking taxes but is anyone really talking about spending cuts? that is supposed to be half the deal to avoid the cliff. president obama doesn't want to talk about spending cuts. congressman aaron schaak is on the house, ways and means committee. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> what about the spending cuts? >> the president made is very clear during his campaign he wanted a balanced approach. he talked repeatedly about raising taxes on the wealthy. he continues to talk about raising tax on the well think. >> the tax rate. >> right, the tax rates on the well think and beyond raising taxes on the well think, tax rates on the well think, he said he wanted a balanced approach etch said during the campaign he wanted $2.50 in cuts for every $1.50 in revenue.
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yet you saw the only proposal come from him sense the election was four dollars in revenue for one dollar in cuts. it was $1.6 trillion in revenue and $400 trillion in cuts and $300 trillion in additional stimulus spending in addition to that. but completely the opposite in cracks to his own campaign pledge. what we've been trying to do, greta, is hold his feet to the fire and say speaker bain wares clear the day after the election. he said mr. president, you won, but so did we. the mandate we have is to work together. we are willing to honor your ledge pledge of $80 billion a year from the wealthiest, which is what you said during the campaign, the $800 billion, but we need the $2.50 for every one dollar in cuts and the president has been completely unwilling to specify those cuts. >> here's your problem.
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other than the snapshot of the president in swim trunks in hawaii while we go off the fiscal cliff, which is a bad photo op, or if he delays his trip for two days but sends his family off so we are paying for few flights to hawaii, other than that, what do you have going for you in terms of this debate? because it doesn't look like the republicans have a lot going for them right now going into this debate. >> well, first of all, we need to stop talking about tax rates because at then of the day this isn't about taxes, it's about the economy. the reason why republicans are so opposed to raising rates on small businesses is because we want the economy to grow. we want people to go back to work. we want the middle class and the working poor to have more opportunity this next year than they have had the last four years under president obama. here's what we know. not from democrats or republicans, but from the congressional budget office, a nonpartisan group that says this. if we go over the cliff, what
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secretary geithner said obama is willing to do, if we go over, we can expect to lose 1 .$8 million. if we do what the president wants, which is to raise taxes on the small businesses, we will lose 700,000 jobs. or if we do what republicans want to do, keep tax rates where they are, we lose zero jobs. so your point is go over the cliff and lose $1.8 million, do what the president wants and lose 700,000 jobs or do what the republicans want and lose zero jobs. our goal is trying to get closest to losing no jobs. >> but the problem is you are not get to go the zero jobs promise. you don't have the numbers. that's your problem. you don't have the numbers or the momentum. how are you going to turn that around? >> well, you are right. and to pat's point earlier in your program, look, i wish we controlled the house, the senate and the white house. i wish the republicans had complete control because i think their policies are most
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conducive to economic growth. but right now what they are trying do is to negotiate in good faith with the president, earnestly putting fourth thoughtful proposals not only on revenue, but on cuts, and trying to get the president 20 move to the center. if we go over the cliff come january 1, it will not be because of a lack of good faith effort on the part of the house republicans. we have been negotiating in good faith. the president has been running around like a candidate still at these campaign rallies and offering no specifics. the media has not held him to account on his pledge for a balanced approach. >> and i think congressman, i think that the best p. r. message you have at this mint that i think to make your point, not that i'm making the point for you, the president move the goal post in terms of what ran on and what the people thought they were voting. it's a far cry from $800 billion to $1.6 trillion. >> not only double the revenue, greta, but change from one dollar in revenue for $2.50 in
7:15 pm
cuts to now he says i want four dollars in revenue for every one dollar in cut. that's like going to a completely different field. >> and let me add that both parties have known nor a year and a half of this problem. >> it's ridiculous. >> i want to take you both to the woodshed on it because you guys brought it all on yourself and now upon the american people. i'm taking the last word on that one. >> it's extremely frustrating to be a part of 2. trust me >> i understand. thank, sir. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> straight ahead, it looks like it, but it's not. this time in michigan. why are they so angry? governor rick snyder is here. that's next. also senator john mccain calling president obama's refusal to intervene in syria disgraceful and shameful and that was months ago when he said that and now when it is so much worse. sierra is reportedly ready to use gas against their own
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>> first the wisconsin state capitol, now michigan. hundreds protesting against michigan coming a right to work state. today republican governor rick snyder and gop leaders saying they will push to right to work legislation. and tonight both the michigan house and cincinnati passing the measure. we spoke nor snyder about the erupting fight. >> nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> you've had an interesting day at the state capitol. you've had arrests and protests and pepper spray, the police locked protesters out and about an hour later the union got an
7:20 pm
injunction to open the doors. so what provoked all this today? >> well, if you look at it, it's really about freedom to choose. it's about being pro worker and stepping up for the workers in our state. we need workplace equality and fairness and that's what this legislation is all about is giving workers a choice to join a union or not. >> it's sort of interesting, michigan, the united auto workers, the teamsters, lots of unions and afl-cio members. this is sort of interesting to watch this happen in your state. i'm curious, what do you hope to achieve economically by this legislation, this right to work legislation? >> well, it should have very positive economic consequences. step back and look at it. the history of unions have been strong in michigan and they did a lot of good things in terms of working conditions and work issues and people wanted to join
7:21 pm
unions. but today shouldn't we give workers the choice and give them the opportunity do they want to belong to a union or not? i don't view it as anti-union. they are more proactive to presenting it to workers and say they should want to join it be part of it. this is first and foremost about worker choice. and second thing it is about economic development. we've watched what has gone on in indiana since they passed similar legislation and they have seen a significant increase in the numbers of companies talking about thousands of jobs to their state. first about workers choice but more about more and better jobs for our people. it's positive legislation for the state. >> it was not parts of your original aany da and it's being done in the lame duck. i suppose that's an issue that -- that the people are asking for, why wasn't it part of your original agenda and why did you wait for the lame duck? >> if you think about it, over 80% of workers don't have this issue. they aren't unionized so it
7:22 pm
applies in michigan to about 17.5% of our workforce. that's significant but most people don't have it as an issue. if you look where michigan was at, we were at the bottom for an entire decade. we are at the comeback state because we have done so many things, paying down our debt, and we are the sixth fastest growing state in the nation compared to 50th in prior years. this is a device i have issue after the election. we had a ballot proposal that brought up a lot of labor issues. this is one that continued. it's a device i have issue. it's my position let's take leadership and address it in a positive way to starched up for the worker and be preworker and let's move forward, get it behind us and continue the reinvention of michigan about more and better jobs and a future for our kids. >> in terms. reinventing michigan, let me just zero in on one city in your state, detroit, 18.9% unemployment which is absolutely deplorable for the people of
7:23 pm
detroit. what do you intend to do or what can you do? what can the state do to try to help the city? one city council men last night said as a quid pro quo she wants the president to bail them out. what do you plan to do about detroit? >> we are going to continue working with the city. we did a consent agreement with them earlier this year that called for a number of actions to happen because we do need better services for the citizens of detroit. they deserve it. and we need to achieve results. the problem is the mayor and the city council haven't been able to get on the same page. we are going through the process now of saying if they don't get it done, we are going to start a review, hopefully next week, that will go on for 30 days to say if it doesn't get done, there are other actions, including emergency managers that we should be considering for detroit. so i'm clearly encouraging the city and the mayor to get these issues on the table, have them work together and get resolutions so we can move forward and get detroit growing again. >> explain to me the emergency managers. does that mean the state steps in and does the job for them?
7:24 pm
is that what you mean? >> yeah. in michigan we've had a statute for some time. we had some controversy and we're under the old statute now. this goes back to many years where we had emergency manager status. they can come in, work with the city and resolve the issues in a more efficient fashion than the traditional way. get to an emergency like this, the traditional way wasn't working. >> aren't you at that point? i mean the unemployment rate, of course, in october of '09 is 25.5. i imagine a lot of people were discouraged and left and that's the decline to 18.9 but that's more than twice the national average. around you at an emergency in detroit? >> detroit has been in crisis for a long time. i think we should always try to work with the locally elected leaders first. my goal is not to run any particular city, it's to be a supportive partner. we've worked hard to strive to do that. we achieved results but now we aren't seeing the progress and we need to push ahead and get it
7:25 pm
resolved and better services to detroiters. >> i look at it from afar, because i don't live there, but 18.9% and it's been that way since 2008. it's been above that. like how long are you going to wait before something is going to be done in detroit? i imagine the people there are running out of patience because this is desperate. >> it's a 30-day review cycle. we get outside experts to come in and make evaluation of the stat us and from there we can look to the emergency manager options or other options and move forward. but we need the mayor and the city council to work together and get things done and 23 not we will take actions to care of our residents of the state. the unthinkable. syrian president getting ready to release gas, deadly gas against his own people.
7:26 pm
they called it feckless. wasn't anyone listening are we going to watch tens of thousands of people die? senator john mccain on the record next. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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>> the reports are sobering. the syrian president is getting ready to lee lease deadly sarin gas on his own people. today secretary clinton is saying events in syria is accelerating. if he bombs his people with nerve gas can centers, tens of thousands of people die within one minute. senator john mccain has been warning about syria since july. >> because of our feckless foreign policy we have the danger of chemical weapons being given to hezbollah. 17,000 syrians have been mass schedule and the united states
7:30 pm
is standing by doing nothing and it's disgraceful and shameful. the president of the united states won't even speak up for these people, let alone do anything. he doesn't want america to lead. >> that was six months ago. so was anyone listening to senator mccain? we spoke with him earlier tonight. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> this is very different than anything else we've faced, the possibility that syria will unleach chemical weapons. what can we do? >> one faint hope we have, but it's still hope, is russia will intervene with president assad and try to convince him this is committing suicide with horrific consequences. it's one of the most -- this sarin gas, one of the most lethal gas that's ever been invented. and the second thing is to
7:31 pm
convince bashar assad, that i'm not sure he's convinced of, that the consequences of these weapons would have an immediate and devastating response. and reason why i say i'm not sure he believes us, he's watched us leave arack in disarray, he's watched al-qaeda return to arack, he's seen our consulate attacked and no one has paid a price for it for the deaths of four americans. he's watched al-qaeda return and take over mali, he's seen us announcement after announcement of withdrawal from afghanistan and a perception throughout the middle that the united states is withdrawing and weak and i hope he doesn't believe that because i do believe the president when he said he will act. but talking about red lines he's
7:32 pm
giving a green light to assad to do anything short of that. >> here's the problem with we will actor even our president saying that or other world leaders saying there will be justice if he does it. that frankly is too late. even the, quote, we will act" if he does that. if he unleashes the gas, within a minute tens of thousands of people will be dead. this isn't the saber rattling of getting nuclear weapons that goes on for years and years, this is he has the capability. he has demonstrated he has killed 40,000 people in almost two years of his own people. >> he's assembled, according to our intelligence, he's assembled the weapons. >> he's mixed the weapons and they have a 60-day shelf life. this is very different. we may hope that the russians are going to intervene, but they haven't done anything so far. in fact, they have fought us on things in the u.n.. >> in fact they have supplied arms and equipment to bashar
7:33 pm
assad, and they have boots on the ground in syria, we've seen overflights of arms over iraq to syria. the russians have not only been neutral, they they have been he. they have a port, for some reason, i'm not sure why, place such great importance on their window on the mediterranean. and i've not seen any situation where vladimir putin has been of assistance to us. we pass add bill today with the reversal of an amendment that puts penalties and severe spents on people who abuse human rights in russia and vladimir is not going to be happy will this legislation. >> i noticed back in july you
7:34 pm
warned everybody that this would happen. you called our foreign policy feckless. will the world had blood on its hands, everybody, if he unleashes the chemical weapons and we see tens of thousands of people dead or is this something we just can't police the world and we are going to have to stand by and watch this. >> i think we would be directly responsible. all of those who argued against intervention warned us that if we intervene, these terrible things would happen, well, we didn't intervene, and all these terrible things, the consequences have been huge. as we sat by and watched these 40,000 people massacred. so it was very clear that there's moral died da and jihaddists in syria. they are, by the way, pretty good fighters. some of the arms, because we didn't supply it, of that come from saudi arabia have gone to
7:35 pm
not we won't want. because we didn't establish a safe zone and be organized and have a benghazi, they have been disjointed and unable to coordinate together. all of the things that they said, the critics said if we intervene these things will happen, now we've reached the ultimate and i cannot overemphasize, and you cannot either, the consequences of one of these attacks is horrendous. i do not think that now that these weapons have been put together, that we would have sufficient intelligence to know whether bashar assad ordered their use in time. i wish we did, but i can't say we do. >> a foreign minister said the alarm about the mixture of chemicals is basically a pretext that the united states is using it as an excuse for
7:36 pm
intervention. i mean, -- >> saying that we used the same argument to attack iraq, yes. >> right. >> yes. >> now, we've had intelligence failures before, so how do we know? what assurance can we get that our intelligence is good this time? >> this time i know of no one who disputes it. >> no one disputed it last time. >> there was, you know. >> one or two maybe. >> yeah. i just -- i think it's so much different. saddam hussein wasn't on the verge of attacking the iranians or his own people or us or anyone else. i'm always skeptical of intelligence. after all, back in 2007 our intelligence said the iranians are no longer pursuing meek leer weapons. >> wrong. >> but in this case i think there's so much overwhelming
7:37 pm
human intelligence. we are on the eve of one of the more horrendous acts of the 21st century. >> we were wrong with the iranians pursuing nuclear weapons and what is so different is we've had lots of notice. we've had at least a minimum from july that you said we should have been checking @n this, and if he decides to give the go sign here, we are going to watch tens of thousands of people die and just going to watch it. >> could i mention one other thing? suppose that assad falls, he leaves, goes to russia or is assassinated, you've still got now these stores of chemical and biological weapons. >> we've had notice of that and israel is worried about that. it's not that that is a surprise and you have spoken about that before. >> yes. and libya, when gadhafi fell, there was a face fire sale of the weapons where jihaddists
7:38 pm
took them out by truckloads and spread all over the region. i wouldn't be surprised some were used on the attack on our consulate in benghazi. we can't allow that to happen with these happens. it's one thing to lose the conventional weapons, but to have these chemical and by logical weapons fall into the hands of al-qaeda, can you -- >> or hezbollah is standing by. >> or hezbollah, with their intentions toward israel. this is a serious crisis, and we have to be prepared. we have to be prepared to put americans troop not to fight, not to be on the ground and fight, but perhaps american troops to secure these weapons storage areas that we know where they are. no one wants american boots on the ground anywhere in the middle east anymore, but this is a matter of securing weapons of mass destruction, which we know are there and we know where a lot of them are. >> and we may be seeing their
7:39 pm
effect. >> we may be. and again, i wish -- i hope that president assad appreciates this time the president of the united states is serious, and if the president feels he has to act, i know that every single member of congress will support that action. >> i don't know how we can expect the president of syria to sort of have some sort of change when you have been so evil to kill 40,000 of your people. it's sort of hard to think suddenly as an issue of self desency. >> he has family there. >> they are probably gone. >> another one is if the russians threaten to cut off arms supply to them. trying to find these things is a
7:40 pm
exercise, but the facts on the ground is weapons have been assembled and there's the threat of them being used. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> in two minutes, it is not your typical punishment. a wisconsin judge getting very creative. wait until you hear the sentence he gave to a man who has nine children with six women. that's just few minutes away. before copd...
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7:43 pm
he did. he may order a defend not to have another child unless he can she he can support the child. what do you think of this unusual sentence? is it an appropriate sentence or is it out of line? go to and tell us. we are back in 90 seconds. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> the union battles getting ugly. are they about to get uglier? that's of in 60 seconds.
7:45 pm
first let's go to new york for the headlines. >> good to see you. president obama calling egypt's president telling him the deadly violence is unacceptable. cairo has seen huge protests since president morsi gave himself close to absolute powers. clashes outside his palace leaving six people dead and more than 700 injured. morsi called for talks but showed no signs of making. mcafee is back in custody. he is wanted for questioning. he was seek being asylum in guatemala. the doctor said he doesn't seem to have a heart attack and maybe under high stress. hundreds storming the michigan state capital and hours ago they voted to approve right to work legislation.
7:46 pm
governor rick snyder saying the measure is not anti-union, it's pro worker. joining us is rick cline, and mr. mccormack and byron york. >> a couple things caused the legislator to go ahead and pass it and then the protests. one is the wave of union-limiting legislation and action that's taken place in wisconsin, and indiana pass add right to work act earlier this year. and the other thing is the unions tried a new tactic to try to cut this off, is they proposed something called proposal 2 in michigan, which would have put collective bargaining rights into the constitution and would have made it unconstitutional to pass something like what we saw today. it lost 58-42. and i think that emboldens the republicans who wanted to go ahead and turn michigan into a right to work state. >> byron is right. this was the exact thing they
7:47 pm
voters for obama decided to shoot down this union bill. >> it's surprising. >> it caught us all by surprise. it isn't going to be like wisconsin. i think this bill is going to pass. and the situation in wisconsin was different. you had to get a quorum, and they tried to prevent a vote on the bill and took a month of protests. i don't think that will happen. just need a simple majority in michigan and they will pass the bill and they won't have a chance to repeal it until 2014. they will have to win back the senate, the house and the governor. >> it is likely to stop in michigan. you look at states with right to work legislation, the whole deep south and a couple states in the west but the upper midwest and northeast has tried to stay away from that because of the strong tradition of union organizing in the state. you have indiana going the other direction and michigan looking like they might, and wisconsin could be next up although the governor hasn't said how he's going to proceed on that and i think it's going to embolden the
7:48 pm
an eye union forces to keep pushing the envelope. if they see governors will be successful in doing this, even with a state as long and union tradition as michigan, what other states will do? >> what does it do for the economy? >> governor snyder thinks it will bring jobs to michigan and i think strong labor unions do not bring jobs to a state, they send jobs out of a state. >> is that true? >> the governor said that's one reason they did that is indiana passed right to work and 90 companies are going down there to safe thousands of jobs. >> i think you see individual states competing on this base. that is the big appeal. i think the more states that do it, the more -- the fewer fertile grounds there might be to grow those jobs. this is a race that goes on to try to be as business competitive as you can be. >> and unions are shrinking. as governors said, under 18% of michigan's workforce is unionized. >> panel, thank you.
7:49 pm
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>> imagine this. going to check on your house after super storm sandy and finding your home has completely vanished. that's exactly what happened to one new jersey homeowner.
7:53 pm
but get this. it was it was not the storm that took down his house, it was the new jersey department of transportation. why did the department of transportation do it? nick joins us. good evening, nick. >> good evening. how are you, greta. >> very good. tell me what happened. >> i first learned of when the storm first hit there was an aerial shot, a helicopter on an abc affiliate out of out of philadelphia and i saw my house off the foundation and slid into my neighbor's porch and slightly forward. we weren't allowed into town until two weeks later. the town was closed down and we were allowed in town two weeks later. we went down in school buses, hundreds of people, and we were told to bring one piece of luggage to take personal belongings out and when i walked up the street i found my lot was empty, it was gone. >> the department of transportation took your house but why the department of transportation? >> i have no idea.
7:54 pm
i called the town. i called the police department. i called the building department. i called the county, i called the state. the only cooperation i received was from the police chief from the township. he had no idea what was going on. i called the department of transportation. their assistant never called me back. i called three or four days in a row and never got an answer. i got the stock answer give us your phone number and we will get right back to you. no one got back to me. i retained an attorney. and they finally called -- wrote a letter back saying that they only removed homes that were in the roadway and the only pictures i have of my house is not the roadway, maybe on the sidewalk up against a utility pole that is still standing. if my house was in the roadway, the utility pole would be down. there was a house up the street
7:55 pm
that was removed. but now they sent another letter that they sent to the fox local news station last night that my house and the house up the street was sandwiched on the utility pole, whatever that means n the letter they state today my attorney, they listed 28 homes they demolished and the caption under my house said only half of white ranch found. my how was whole, not half. there were three different case scenarios and i don't know which is which and i'm trying to find out who took my house, why, when, and for what reason without any opportunity to get my personal belongings. >> nick, i hope governor christie is listening because he's certainly said he's going to help people and president obama said he will cut through the red tape. i hope someone is listening because you sure deserve answers and i thank you for joining us tonight. i hope it helps. >> thank you for having me,
7:56 pm
greta, thank you very much. >> watch out american idol, this kid has talent and you will see her perform. that's next. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's yougift? uh... >>. >> whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year.
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>>. >>
7:59 pm
>> greta: it's time for last call. is she the next celine deon? the little girl with the big voice in poland.


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